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technical support

Release time:2021-08-12 Source:Dongguan Zhaoya Machinery Co., Ltd

Pre sales service
Customer Service Center:
We will divide it into product consulting center, technical support center, equipment repair center and complaint suggestion center.
We are always waiting for your call to provide one-stop professional services such as product introduction, price consultation, technical support, customized demand solutions, troubleshooting, repair application, spare parts consultation and sales, product complaints and service complaints.
Deep customization technology solutions:
We have a mature solution team and experienced engineers to provide efficient and professional in-depth customized solutions according to customers' needs.
On sale service
Consultative sales:
Differentiated technical requirements always exist. We will fully assist you in the optimization of product selection and help you realize the value optimization of purchased products.
Lean transportation:
We will provide professional transportation and door-to-door service. By choosing convenient and fast transportation methods, we can maximize the accuracy and fast delivery of products to your hands.
Worry free installation:
We provide customers with detailed product installation information. The technical engineer shall arrive at the site through communication and guidance if necessary to solve the problems in the installation process.
after-sale service
Technical hotline:
Zhaoya team provides customers with year-round technical support through the hotline, quickly respond to customer feedback and deal with information in time.
On site service:
Ensure fast response time, arrive at the service site quickly, provide installation guidance, operation commissioning, troubleshooting, product maintenance, technical upgrading services, and preventive maintenance services for products, so as to avoid failures under normal operation of the equipment and maximize the production capacity of the equipment.
Timely arrival of spare parts:
A complete product spare parts center can send you spare parts required for equipment failure at any time, accurately and timely send them to customers, and shorten the processing time of equipment interruption due to failure.
Service hotline: 0769-82582395 Mr. Zhu: 13694952448 email:

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